What I Meant To Say Was . . .

My last post started life as an attempt to sway voters in one of the safest seats in Australia. I was also mindful of the local paper’s intense dislike of anything remotely controversial. As a result my post was, shall we say, gentle. But in the wee hours of election-eve I’m going all out, so here it is:

The Real Reason I’m Not Voting Liberal

They are a bunch of ghouls. Senator Alan Eggleston, who is a Liberal Party candidate for the Senate, felt it was appropriate to send out a letter and a glossy flyer which gave nobody in the electorate any credit whatsoever.

The one issue addressed on the glossy flyer was asylum seekers. It’s key point was that the Liberal party promised to “turn the boats back.” Well down the list of bulletin points was “fair treatment for genuine refugees.” I take it, Dr Eggleston, that you mean you will treat fairly all those refugees which manage to avoid your best efforts to turn them back. I thought you were supposed to be deterring people from trying to sneak into Australia?

The Liberal party continually use two deliberately misleading phrases, “illegal immigrants” and “queue jumpers,” to describe asylum seekers. The fact of the matter is that there is absolutely nothing illegal about a person arriving on Australian soil and asking for refuge. It also means that there is absolutely no queue to jump.

The constant use of these phrases is outrageous! The Liberal party’s stance on asylum seekers is that they will use lies to get elected. The Liberal party knowingly and deliberately uses a group of people who make up 0.6% of all immigration to Australia as a key to being elected. That Labor feel compelled to match this is all the more disappointing because of its (relative) unexpectedness.

The Liberal candidate for Durack in the House of Representatives, Barry Haase, is only marginally less ghoulish, if only through dilution. His pledge to stop the boats is one of six points on his glossy page. (Of course, the other five are mostly mindless platitudes such as “end the waste” and “help families.”) But what he lacks in ghoulishness he makes up for with dimwittedness.

I spoke to Barry Haase in person on the topic of GMO canola. He said that he was in favour of it because it only sped up the process of what conventional breeding could do. The first thing to know about GMO crops is that they are genetically modified in ways that could never happen in nature. It is an important issue and it is fair to say that Barry Haase does not know the first thing about it. You need more than that stupid hat to give you some rural credibility, Barry.

The Liberal party’s policies are based on cynical pandering to a lowest common denominator demographic which they themselves are largely responsible for creating.

Whew! There you have it, the real reason I am not voting Liberal. Of course, when the policies of the two major parties are virtually indistinguishable it would be hypocritical to vote Labor.

Before this election campaign the thought of Tony Abbott as Prime Minister made me want to leave the country. Now, on election eve, my hope for this election is not about who will be Australia’s next Prime Minister, but the make-up of the Senate.

Vote responsibly, vote Green. Your candidate may not get in, but this isn’t the same as betting on the Melbourne Cup. The important thing is to be able to look at yourself in the mirror on Sunday morning.



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3 responses to “What I Meant To Say Was . . .

  1. Annie

    Go the Greens!
    I ALMOST feel like handing out the Green’s how to vote cards, after such a compelling argument.

  2. Jo

    Bloody good on you for bringing up the GM directly with the guy!!

  3. Needsy

    Incredible. Responsible and Greens should only be in the same sentence if that sentence is ‘Who is responsible for the destruction of our economy, oh it’s…’.

    Apart from that, greetings. : )

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