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The below is a copy of the letter I submitted to the local volunteer run community paper/newsletter. Who chose not to print it. Who knows why not. Maybe they didn’t have room. Maybe they didn’t agree with what I was saying. Maybe they simply felt it was too controversial. Probably elements of all three had a bearing. Here I present the letter in its entirety, minus my signature at the bottom. I don’t have a scanner.

Why I Will Not be Voting Liberal

Modern politics is generally a closely fought affair where elections are won and lost in a handful of marginal seats. Unfortunately this means that if you live in a safe seat—for either side—then neither side tries very hard in the electorate. In the case of the newly created seat of Durack the Liberals don’t need to try as the seat is a sure thing. It also means that Labor will spend their time and money where it will be the most helpful.

For this reason I will be voting against the sure bet—and I urge you to do the same. The only way to get the major political parties interested in our electorate is to let them both think that the seat is winnable.

Even if you cannot stand the prospect of casting a vote for Labor there is still a way to make the two major political parties sit up and take notice. On 60 Minutes, Mark Latham urged those disillusioned with Liberal and Labor to make an informal vote. There are many reasons a vote can be counted as a “donkey vote” and so I am not sure that this tactic can ever be widespread or accurate enough to make a difference.

A much more effective way to sound alarms in head offices in Canberra is to vote for a third option. That is why on Saturday I will be voting for the Greens.

I am sure that many of you find the thought of voting for the Greens more difficult than voting for Labor but there is a crucial difference. Unlike the increasingly indistinguishable Liberal and Labor parties the Greens have no chance of forming a government in their own right. This makes the Greens the perfect protest vote.

If the above is too politically cynical for you, then here are some quick points of benefit that the Greens’ policies have over both Liberal and Labor:

  • The Greens are the only political party who are not queuing up to sign over Australia’s agricultural future to international biotech corporations
  • The Greens are the only political party whose Immigration Policy is not focused on a group that make up 0.6% of total immigration. Both Liberal and Labor deliberately mislead the electorate by using phrases like ‘illegal immigrants’ and ‘queue-jumpers’ when discussing refugees. People are legally entitled to turn up and ask for asylum—there is no queue to jump
  • The Greens support a National Broadband Network and oppose mandatory internet filtering. The Coalition’s broadband policy is built on wireless technology which means the internet will work as well as your mobile phone

On Saturday 21st August, 2010, I urge you to send a strong message to Canberra that we are an electorate worth investing in.


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