This is a busy time of year for most people, and I am no exception. So this is just a quick post because I have written nothing aside from the occasional blog post.

I saw the naturopath again last week, and she was happy with my progress. Apparently, I’ve completed the first stage of my heavy metal detox and now I have a new round to undertake. This stage is just a pill once a day, and is easily managed.

Work on Murray the Vampire has pretty much ceased, though I am trying to think through the story-line and characters. I am also listening to a free audio book by Greg Crites called Dunkin the Vampire Slayer. I shall post a review as soon as I have finished listening. (And to a lesser degree, writing the review.)

My PhD project has been receiving no attention, though I did manage to read Pen, Pencil and Poison and The Truth of Masks by Oscar Wilde the other day.

And realistically, that’ll probably be about it until after Christmas.

Merry Christmas, everyone.


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