Living dead, or un-dead. Which is the politically correct term?

Well, today was a bit busier at work, so I didn’t get as much done as I did yesterday. Over the last two days I have managed to write about 2000 words, however. Of course, not much of it was any good, but at this stage I think (hope) that it is about the process itself. As long as I am writing there is progress. It may not be obvious, it may not even be progress in the traditional sense, but language is fluid, and progress is relative. Anyways, I hope soon to post an excerpt (it could even be everything I’ve written, but then, how would you know?) of Murray the Vampire. I know vampires have been done to (un)death lately, but I think there is still interesting places they can go. Check out this piece of flash fiction here. My story is nothing like that one. Well, apart from also being about vampires, other than that my story is completely different. As evidenced by my title having a whole three letters extra in it. See, completely different.

While I was at work I also looked into a job opening at the local shire, but the information package was too boring to finish. It was all ‘accounting-this’ and ‘finance- that’ and ‘manage-the-other’. Not at all interesting. Plus, I didn’t have any of the essential qualifications. Nor the desire to go to a job everyday. Which was probably one of the essential qualifications, even if not explicitly stated.

Anyways, tomorrow I am scheduled to return to work on my PhD topic, so hopefully that will happen.


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