Progress: Little but Some

I started the day by finally tossing Robert Stecker’s Aesthetics and the Philosophy of Art after wasting the better part of a week on that gibberish, and I managed to make a little headway. After that, however, the rest of the family woke up and after a late night last night my concentration was shot. I was up late last night watching a documentary on YouTube entitled, The World According to Monsanto. After that, and to avoid nightmares, I caught up with the latest from the oddly named communitychannel.

So after being unable to progress much further on my studies, I thought I would dedicate a little time to my novel. A boy, was it a little time! I’ve pretty much decided that I am going to write the first draft at work on an old typewriter there. Which is quite the conversation starter. And the conversation killer is my reply of, “Well, the alternative is to use Windows.” This tends to kill the conversation because around here nobody can quite imagine an alternative to Windows. Anyways, all I was doing today was typing up my typewritten draft pages. Well, I did a paragraph.

So far I have worked more on this post. Sigh.


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